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Get Hosting Completed With Full Service Plan

BizPartner hosting comes with FULL technical services to troubleshoot and fix problems for you throughout the year. We show up at your place if necessary.

  • Domain name - Regaining ownership of your domain name, Transferring domain to another provider, Updating domain name records etc.
  • Web site - Accessing your web site files, Fixing minor web site issues, Backing up your web site etc.
  • Email services - Accessing your email accounts, Creating new users, Resolving email downtime etc.
  • Service provider - Sourcing for web designers, Switching web hosting provider, Lodging complaints to authority etc.

We can help you regardless who your hosting service provider is. Contact us below.

How Do We Serve You?

  • Phone - Call, SMS or Whatsapp +6016-2672855 right away
  • Email - Contact us for help over email
  • Remote Help - Contact us and arrange to check your computer remotely using TeamViewer
  • In-Person Service - Contact us and arrange for us to come to your office

Service Policies

  • The service is FREE if you are hosting with BizPartner
  • The service is FREE if we are late for your service
  • The service is FREE if we are unable to solve your problem
  • Whenever possible, we try to solve the problem first by phone, email and remotely before visiting you in person
  • In-person service is available in Klang Valley of Malaysia only

Brief Solutions to 12 Common Problems

I can't access my hosting account (cPanel etc) to manage my web and email hosting.
Contact your hosting provider for help. As customer, you can compel them to provide you with all server settings needed to access your web and email hosting account (eg. cPanel).

I can't access and update my web site.
Contact your hosting provider for help. Compel them to provide you with the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) settings to upload and update your web site.

I can't find my web designer.
Contact your hosting provider directly for help.

I don't know who my hosting provider is.
Use WHOIS service to check. You can enter your domain name under "Domain Name Search" box on the top right corner of this page. Your hosting provider's details may show up. If you can't understand the search result, send it to us for checking.

My domain name is not registered under my name or company name.
Transfer your domain name to your name or company name as soon as possible. If you don't do this, the domain name does not belong to you legally. Get your provider to help you if necessary.

My hosting provider refuses to talk to me, because I'm not the authorized person-in-charge.
Get the authorized person-in-charge to talk to the provider or let you take over the domain name. If necessary, send an email or official letter to hosting provider under the company name who owns the domain name, and request them to change the contact person to you.

My web site has been hacked.
Your hosting provider can help. While there might be server problems, most likely it's because the content management system (CMS) used to develop your web site is not updated and so has security loopholes. Your provider can fix it.

My email account has been hacked.
Your hosting provider can help. While there might be server problems, most likely spyware that automatically sends out emails has been planted on your computer. Use an anti-spyware software (such as the free Ad-Aware) to scan and remove the spyware.

Someone is using my email account to send spams.
While you should keep your email password safe, there are programs that can send out emails as if they are sent from your email address, without knowing your email password. Ask your hosting provider to enable a feature called Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for your domain name to minimize such cases.

I need to change my hosting provider.
Back up your hosting account (using cPanel etc). If not possible, back up your existing web site and emails to your computer. Hand over to the new hosting provider to changeover to the new server.

I need to change my domain name provider.
Contact your domain name or hosting provider for help. They will guide you through the process.

I just can't solve the problem with my provider.
Tell us your problem below, or complain to the relevent authority directly, such as Malaysian Communication & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for cases in Malaysia.

Any other question? Contact us below.

Testimonials of Happy Clients

Mr Prakash, Lereno Sdn Bhd

I am very really satisfied of your service and it really makes my boss very happy to subscribe to your service.

Mr Johny Lim,

Ricky's support has always been helpful and quick to my problem. You definitely can rely on his hosting service. Good job!

Mr Bernard Lim, Maha Coco Products (M) S/B

Fast respond while we face problem of the service. Value for money.

More customer testimonials here

Money-Back Guarantee By BizPartner

One-month money back guarantee applies.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service, we just pay you back upon request.  No question asked. Refund is made via online banking or PayPal only.

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Customer Testimonial

First, I found that access to webmail is much more faster than my previous host. Second, the service provided is excellent.

- Posted by Ms Yeoh, Porex Technologies Sdn Bhd.

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