5 Jan

Free peer sharing and coaching event for all interested in business and entrepreneurship!

If you face any challenge in business, want feedback about a product, plan or project, want to pitch and tell others about your company, products or business idea, or just want to listen and help others with their problems and ideas, this is the platform for you.

The Agenda

Welcome (5 minutes)

Elevator Pitch – One-minute self-introduction by each member (10 minutes)

Share – One member to share a topic related to business or life. Could be a lesson, a principle, a book, a story, in fact anything useful or inspirational. Then the group discuss and exchange ideas. (30 minutes)

Solve – One member to present a real life business challenge. It could be a marketing, finance, product, people, or any business problem. Then the group give ideas and solutions to help the presenter. (30 minutes)

Pitch – One member to pitch about a company, product, service, event or business idea. Then the group give feedback and comments about the idea. (30 minutes)


Would you like to organize or attend one such meetup?

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