9 Jul

If you are paying only a few hundred ringgit a year, chances are you are hosting on a shared server. You are sharing the same physical server possibly with hundreds of other domain names. Please read until the end.

If one domain name misbehaves, other customers including you might be affected too. For example, if another on the same web site keeps sending out spams, rendering the server IP address blocked by servers around the world, other customers including you might not be able to send out emails too.

Worse, if you are buying 10GB or 100GB, your space is likely sold again and again to more than one customer (“overselling”). You don’t really buy the space, but you buy a promise. No wonder nowadays anyone can promise huge space at low prices.

Overselling server space greatly increases the number of domains that can be hosted on a server, and the hosting provider’s revenue and profit too.

What if your server space (and bandwidth) is allocated to you and only you? That will reduce a lot the risks and problems associated with shared hosting. Your server space is no longer “oversold”.

Does this so-called “dedicated hosting space” for you work?

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