26 Jun

Here are some little pieces of sharing on BizPartner page on Facebook.

  • Domain name (such as rickysoo.com) is your identity on the Internet. Your web site address (such as http://www.rickysoo.com/) and email accounts (such as user@rickysoo.com) are named according to your domain name. Without a domain name, you cannot have such web site or email accounts that uniquely identify YOU.
  • A subdomain (such as sales.company.com) is a subdivision of your domain name (company.com). You can host a different web site on this subdomain as http://sales.company.com/, and create email accounts such as alan@sales.company.com
  • Why not use subdomains to create different email addresses for different departments in your company? You can have email addresses like ricky@sales.bizpartner.com.my. Read http://www.rickysoo.com/2009/03/25/use-subdomain-in-your-email-address/
  • Who can register .com.my, .net.my and .org.my? Any ORGANIZATION registered in Malaysia, including society, association, non-profit organization etc. Individuals? Go for .com lah :)
  • What if you need a .my domain name but have no company to register with? Go for second-level domain name, such as bizpartner.my, Yourname.my. Any Malaysian can register!
  • You work in the sales department. yourname@company.com or yourname@sales.company.com. Which email address do you prefer?

You can get the above tips in your Facebook by joining as fan on BizPartner page on Facebook.

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