25 Mar

Perhaps you work in a company with offices in a few countries or a few branches.  Or perhaps your company has many staff with various departments.

Would you like to indicate your location or department in your email address?  You can use subdomain in your email address such as sales@malaysia.mycompany.com or ricky@hr.mycompanycom!

What is a subdomain anyway?  It is anything that goes before your domain name.  For example, in “singapore.mycompany.com”, “mycompany.com” is the domain name” and “singapore” is the subdomain.

It’s easy to create email address with your chosen subdomain.  Let’s create an email address called ricky@malaysia.mycompany.com.

  1. Log into your web-based control panel cPanel.
  2. In cPanel, go to the Domains section and click Subdomains.
  3. Enter “malaysia” as subdomain, specify the location of the subdomain (such as /public_html/malaysia), and click Create button.
  4. In cPanel, go to the Mails section and click Email Accounts.
  5. Enter “ricky” as the email username, select “malaysia.mycompany.com” from the domain list, enter other details such as password, and click Create button.
  6. Now set up your email software such as Outlook to start using your email account. Done! :-)

By the way, if you have created a subdomain as above, you can also use it to have a different web site for your branch in Malaysia under your domain name with the address http://malaysia.mycompany.com!

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