12 Dec

I’ve been asked how to upload web pages to web server.  Might as well post here for the benefits of other customers.

There are a few ways to upload files to, and download files from, your web server by means of FTP (file transfer protocol). The most common way is using an FTP software for this purpose.

But I’ll show you a basic way which works, and which does not require you to install any FTP software.  If you know how to copy and paste files in Windows Explorer or My Computer, you can copy and paste files too to other servers.

  1. Open up Windows Explorer or My Computer on your computer.
  2. Make sure there is an address bar in Windows Explorer where you can type address.  Can’t see?  Go to View menu, click Toolbars, and turn on Address Bar.
  3. Type this into the address bar – ftp://username@ftp.domain.com .  Please substitute username with your FTP account username, and ftp.domain.com with your FTP server name.  You can get these details from your hosting provider.
  4. You will be prompted for your FTP account username and password.  Enter them to log on to your web server.
  5. Once successful, you will be able to see the file content on your server.  If necessary, browse to the folder where you want to copy files to.
  6. To copy files to your server, just copy them from your file system, and paste it to the folder.  Done! :-)

By the way, I host a little Java applet which lets you quickly upload files by FTP here.  Try it out!

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